Roland Frasier

Roland is a business titan, having successfully co-founded five of Inc. Magazine's fastest-growing companies and founded or sold 24 organizations that have made between $3 million and $4 billion. He currently occupies the role of CEO in All Channels Media, along with several other organizations he is involved in; infomercials, publishing deals and providing sage advice to leading industry names like Microsoft, Southwest Airlines, Etihad Airlines, HarperCollins FedEx and Uber are only a few aspects of his amazing career. Roland's love for business propels him to constantly be on the lookout for rewarding investments - it truly is his lifeblood!

As the President and Co-Founder of DigitalMarketer, Richard Lindner has revolutionized international digital marketing training. With a decade of invaluable experience in executive roles, he is the go-to advisor for powerhouse brands like Uber and Harper Collins when it comes to scaling their businesses. His unique ability to make complex concepts easily accessible draws many audiences - his expertise on organizational change gets lauded across multiple industries. A proud Tennessean at heart, Richard treasures any opportunity to spend fall Saturdays with his family sporting vibrant Volunteer orange!

Richard Lindner

Grant Teeple

Ryan Diess

Ryan Deiss has achieved unprecedented heights of success as an entrepreneur, author, and investor. He is the mastermind behind "Customer Value Optimization" and renowned for his revolutionary training program and conference in the digital marketing industry. Ryan's expert advice has earned him a spot as a best-selling author and sought-after speaker - sharing the platform with successful business leaders such as Sir Richard Branson, William Shatner, Gary Vaynerchuk, Rachel Hollis, Tim Ferris, Daymond John and Dave Ramsey! But more importantly than any accolade or award - Ryan finds immense joy in being a devoted father of four children and husband to Emily Deiss.

Deanna Rogers

For the past twenty years, Deanna has flourished in her entrepreneurial pursuits. Despite her cancer diagnosis being a hurdle, she refused to give up and instead seized the opportunity to make a positive impact on her community. She sought wisdom in forming meaningful relationships and honed her skills of efficiently managing business operations. Starting from scratch as an Events Director, Deanna now proudly runs a successful events business with over 5000 attendees! Mistakes were unavoidable during this process - but she never let them stand in the way of success; rather than worry about failure, she learned that trying was always better than not trying at all! Today, living proof of this tenacity and courage, she takes every chance possible to share how it can help others take control of their lives and reach their goals.

Bernardo Olivas

Bernardo is an expert in hospitality, investments, business acquisitions and cryptocurrency. His skill set goes beyond team construction, leading people and effective communication – he knows how to manage his time well too. With a firm grasp of marketing principles such as branding, client segmentation and consumer experience Bernardo has helped companies stand out from their peers. Leveraging his passion for financial assets, he has crafted an investment portfolio from scratch to 6 figures, which earns him $10-20K every month with only 10 hours of trading each week. On top of that, his deep understanding of customer behavior and market predictions aided by analytical/quantitative skills make him a formidable asset for any company looking for growth in the industry.

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